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We Redesigned WOWFitness!

By jpistori

WOWFitness Client


Check out the site here: wowfitness.org

About 7 years ago we made a web site for a very special client WOWFitness. Back then Flash was the most popular medium to create websites (take a look at the old design here). We utilized motion and color to create an exciting site.  7 years later it was time for a redesign. Flash is now an antiquated technology and with the emergence of CSS3 and HTML5 we knew we had to create the most  advanced website available…and that’s what we did!

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Completion of Warriorball website!

By jpistori

WarriorBall Website

We had the pleasure of working with Warriorball to establish a logo and website for this exciting company. These were great people with huge imaginations. We hope the event is a huge success!

Check out the site: Warriorball.com

About Warriorball

Warriorball is an Epic Dodgeball Event that will be held June 7 & 8, 2014 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.

Experienced or amateur, young or mature, male or female, in shape or working on it, bring your energy, your drive, your agility and your endurance to push yourself to the Max to avoid a meteor storm of Balls.

The Victorious Warriors of three (3) Rounds of challenging, exciting competition will face off against each other in a Final Round for the Benjamins on Sunday.

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Terms of Service I Didn’t read…

By jpistori



Terms of service are often too long to read, but it’s important to understand what’s in them. Your online rights depend on them. This website acts as your mediator between you and the site.  The one you’re about to blindly agree with any terms of service they may have. In real life we would never do such a thing. If someone handed you a contract and said “you must sign this before you ______ (insert anything)“, you bet your ass you would read it first and ask questions before you put your name anywhere near that dotted line.

The site “Terms of Service: Didn’t Read” also known as TOSDR rates the site in question and gives bulleted details of the positives and negatives of the terms and agreement. For example TOSDR rating for Google are as follows:

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Latest client website just went live!

By jpistori

Election Amercia’s new website just went live! We really appreciate the EA team for trusting us to create their site!

Election-America is a full-service election management organization. They have managed complex elections on six continents with millions of votes processed annually. Check out the site!

Election America Client Site is live

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New Client Logo: Oaken Ash

By jpistori


With logos many times we go through many variations of a design before our client reaches full bliss. Okay bliss is a bit extreme but you get the point. Here is an image of just a few of the many versions of this logo. Oaken Ash wanted a simplistic design that would look good printed large as well as small on a …interested yet? Click here to read more.

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