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Google is looking fly today!

By jpistori

If you have used the Google search engine today you may have noticed the page looks a bit different. We often see the Google logo displayed with designs celebrating various current events, but never an interactive page such as this. Check out some of the past Google Logo Designs on inspirationfeed.com.

Today the Google page displays a huge interactive zipper and the actual logo looks like it is sewn fabric. Click and drag the zipper and you will see a really cool animation of the page being zipped away to reveal the search results page. This design is to commemorate the 132nd birthday of Gideon Sunback, a Swedish engineer credited with helping to develop the modern zipper.

Check out Google’s Sundback doodle in action in the video below, or try it for yourself by visiting Google.com.

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Jason Pistorino is a graduate of Long Island University holding a Masters in Interactive Media Arts. Currently he satisfies his love for the web as Web Designer/Developer at Nassau Community College. He is Founder and Creative Director of Dominating Designs, his brainchild. After years of experience, he remains dedicated to continued professional development, i.e. long hours in front of the computer synthesizing all new advancements and information relevant to web design. With the growing success of his company, expansion has led him to the acquisition of new and invaluable talent in the form of specialized developers, designers and photographers.

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  1. Chris Backstrom April 24, 2012

    Cool effect, Google! Only the zipper opens to a blank page, and from thereon you have to scroll down one page for each new Google search…!

      April 24th, 2012

      Hmm. For me it opens to a search results page with links to Gideon Sunback. What browser are you using? I think this animation is using HTML5 so older browsers (especially Internet Explorer) may not display the page correctly.

        April 26th, 2012

        Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7.

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