No matter what the project scope or size, we begin with an intensive study phase – extracting information from the client and conducting our own research. We immerse ourselves in the client’s brand to learn all we can about who they are, what they want to be, and what they wish the project to achieve.


This is when we start to conceptualize your website. Both individually and collaboratively, we explore a vast array of visual concepts. During 30-minute group brainstorming sessions, each team member is challenged to share as many ideas as possible. This process allows us to learn what other professionals in your field are doing, how they are doing it and how we can make it better.


We take what we have learned and and put our ideas to work – arranging imagery, visuals, and graphic elements, determining the most effective color and type, and incorporating appropriate copy to effectively convey the message. From here, we refine our ideas based on client feedback to create a powerful strategic design.


We have a working website but all is not done yet... We test the website with users who have not seen the site before. We test what difficulties, if any, the user has navigating the website. Any critique that can help better our final result is a plus! We test the site and test it again, once it is fully cooked we know we have a product that we can be proud of.


We value our client's happiness. It's time to put the website on the internet! This is the part where our clients start to see the return on investment.

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